• What is H/L Ventures?

      H/L Ventures manages a family of companies and funds that together comprise a holistic company-building ecosystem. At the heart of this system is H/L Studio, which was among the first venture studios to include social impact in its investment thesis. That venture studio is now supported by our opportunity fund, CityRock Ventures, and our managed services group, H/L Strategies, among other entities.

    • How much investment do you provide?

      H/L Studio does not provide cash investment up-front, rather we take equity in exchange for partnership: we build first and view our commitment of time, expertise, team, network, and experience as an investment in non-financial capital. CityRock Ventures invests capital at Series A (and occasionally Series B) in both H/L Studio companies and companies coming to us from outside of the studio pipeline. In the case of CityRock investing in a Series A or later round which is not from our studio, CityRock Ventures will also require options/warrants in consideration of the full support of our team for every CityRock portfolio company, regardless of origin.

    • What help does H/L Ventures provide for my company?

      H/L Ventures becomes an extension of your team. You get access to our full-time portfolio team, venture partners, and extended network of subject matter experts. We help on almost every aspect of your company including hiring, service providers, branding, sales, marketing, PR, product, finance, fundraising, and much more. We aim to have relevant support for any founder need. Please see our model here for further information.

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